Welcome to our crazy world of plump, prime 'roaches!

This site offers help and guidance for the successful husbandry of both exotic and indigenous Cockroaches, and is open to all involved in the keeping and husbandry of these animals, as well as those who would simply like to learn a little more about these oft-maligned creatures. Prices are retail, and are direct to the public. Wholesalers, pet stores, wildlife sanctuaries and the like are welcome to contact us for bulk prices...

Kindly note that all Roaches have been bred to the highest standards in our own facility in Johannesburg, South Africa, and fed on a strict diet of essential foods and minerals, so as to arrive at your premises in the best possible shape for your pets.

 Whilst we obviously cannot guarantee live delivery once we hand the goods over to your courier, every care is taken to ensure that the roaches are well packed, so as to arrive on time and  in the best of health. To this end, all containers of roaches are provided with sufficient nourishment to last the journey, (including those we deliver personally.)


 Kindly note that whilst we make every effort to ensure prices remain stable, they are governed by availability and season, and are thus subject to change at any time. The current price will always be the one displayed on this site.


    A Little Info


  • Protein is possibly the most important ingredient in the diet of the pets in your care, ensuring good growth and maximum size, and the protein content in the average roach is double that of a cricket.
  • A roach is far less noisy than a cricket, doesn’t have an odour, and is easier to catch when feeding your animals.
  • Roaches are extremely fastidious when it comes to personal hygiene, and laboratory tests have shown that they spend more hours per day grooming themselves, than a household cat does.
  • Roaches are far hardier than crickets (as history has proven!) and do not suffer the same frequency of deaths whilst waiting to be fed off.


 All in all, these are some fine reasons to add roaches to the diet of suitable pets in your care. ..What pet lover wants a small animal?  We all  want the biggest, healthiest specimen,   and in the case of lizards, geckos, tarantulas, bearded dragons, birds and more, that health is best provided by a diet strong in protein. (see roaches.)

 An analysis done by an independent laboratory in New Jersey is provided for confirmation and direct comparison…


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